Thursday, November 19, 2015

An Open Letter of Thank You to ALL Moms

We spend a lot of wasteful time pointing out the differences between moms, whether that is in reference to stay-at-home moms, working moms, crafty moms, moms who volunteer, moms who bake and cook like it's going out of style, book-smart moms, street-smart moms, or whatever type of label you choose to apply, and there sure are plenty of them (actually too many). The mom "labels" are a little ridiculous, so instead of pin pointing to a specific "group", it's time to say THANK YOU to ALL moms!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving next week, and my refusal to celebrate Christmas before Turkey Day, I am writing a heart-felt open letter of thank you to all moms, no matter their talents or flaws - you are all loved!

1.   I am grateful for those moms who can play in the mud, race cars, and build castles out of pillows with their little loves - your are creating the architects, engineers, and artists of tomorrow.

2.   I am grateful to the moms who always have a spotless kitchen, clean laundry, and swept floors - you are an example of order and cleanliness.

3.   I am grateful for those moms who have piles of papers and knick knacks scattered throughout the house - you have created a safe world of distraction for your little ones.

4.   I am grateful to all those moms who kiss their sleeping children at night and tuck them in - these are the peaceful moments you will always remember, no matter how exhausted you are from the day.

5.   I am grateful to the moms who work everyday to make their child's world a better place - the fruitfulness of these efforts are long-term, but very much worth it.

6.   I am grateful for those moms who wake up each morning, still sleep deprived, but somehow reach for that cup of coffee (a true gift from God) and continue on with the day - you are teaching your little ones the value of adversity and continuity.

7.   I am grateful for all those moms who worry - those with uneasiness about their children, their husbands, their homes, their jobs, and their daily duties - those worries, no matter how stressful they seem at the time, are signs of love. It's only natural to worry for those we love!

8.   I am grateful to the moms who find time to devote and volunteer their free moments not only for their families, but also for their friends, neighbors, and strangers - you keep the world turning, burning with love. What a charitable example you are for your children and even the adults around you.

9.    I am grateful for those moms who love their husbands with an undying love, even through the difficult times, the exhausting times, and the amazing times - you are teaching your children one of the greatest lessons in life - a lesson of uncompromising devotion that can only be found in the family.

10.   I am most of all grateful to my mom, grandmother, my best friend, and all of the moms (and believe me, there are A LOT) I have ever met who devote their lives, their very essence, to the well-being of their children, their husbands, and their families. You have each made such a lasting impression on my soul and I have learned something very dear from each of you.

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Schedules, Childhood, & Newborns

It has been a busy week at our house, with the birth of Baby #4. We brought him home to the other Little Ones, and began adjusting our lives around his schedule. Perfect example, this post was planned to go up on Thursday and here we are days later...  It is to be expected, since the schedule of a newborn is never in line with that of the parents or siblings. It's amazing how such a little person can take control of the entire household just with his cries. Isn't it a beautiful thing that a baby can command a room? Beautiful and tiring!

When I was pregnant with Baby #1, everyone had an opinion on how to get that little bundle of joy on a strict schedule. Whether it was a feeding schedule, a diaper changing schedule, or a sleep schedule. The funny thing is that I never really cared to hear about these schedules, partly because I'm super stubborn and I don't want other people to tell me what to do, but mostly because I knew these schedules wouldn't last past the first few weeks. (Even that is probably a stretch). It just seemed common sense to me that babies will eat when they are hungry, poop when needed, and sleep when they are tired, just like adults. Why would we expect babies to be any different from adults? It's a bit laughable that parenting "experts" expect a baby to mold their schedules with ours. When it really needs to be the opposite, at least for the early months. Now, it won't always be this way, but the first several weeks, even months, is all about that little bundle of joy, and that's a good thing. Those early weeks are some of the most precious moments for bonding.

We have the rest of our lives to be on a schedule. Instead of forcing our infants, or even toddlers, to get on a schedule, let's enjoy those haphazard moments with them, because pretty soon they will be in school. It can be pretty difficult to let go of our daily routines, especially for those who have A-Type Personalities, like myself. I don't like to be late for anything, actually most of my clocks are set 10 minutes fast, because I prefer to be early (Vince Lombardi Time), and I love "to-do lists". I am very much a planner, but children, especially newborns make all those schedules and lists seem so silly. Ultimately, they really aren't that important if we are choosing to finish housework vs. spend time with our children. (Yes, I know, the housework needs to get done at some point...) It definitely took me awhile to get used to this thought pattern, not that I have mastered it by any means. (I still hate being late!) I have, however, learned to let go more as we welcomed more children into our family. Surprisingly, I have begun to enjoy life and the craziness of the children more as I stopped trying to control every aspect of our world. Who would've thought that it has actually become a relief to no longer be in control of everything.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mommy Meltdown

The Mommy Meltdown.

Are we allowed to have a meltdown?
If so, when?
How to have a Mommy Meltdown?
...and Why?

Oh the joys of a Mommy Meltdown....Do you have them, because I most certainly do not ever have public that is. Wink wink.....

Ok, so you are mom, we are living the dream or least trying to to live it. We get up each day, make lunches for school, clean the house, raise the kids, go to work etc.... We do a lot. So every once in awhile it catches up with us. No..... it literally hits you in the face like the frying pan hit Flynn Ryder in Tangled. Right?

Life can be tough at times and occasionally we are going to loose it...Mommy Meltdown! But do any of you have those perfect friends that you are positively sure never meltdown? I thought I did, actually I have even been accused of never having a meltdowns........Blahahaha! News Flash!!! Every mom has had them! Some just "hide" it better! 

Social media has been awesome but it has it's downfalls...the venting status... I have completely been guilty of the venting status or hashtag. The ones where you are needing to vent and an adult human is not nearby so you vent online. Well mamas not the best idea. That venting is just a scream to let people judge you. How many of you are nodding your head right now agreeing with me. Yup, I thought so!

I have learn from my very wise mom, that if you have a meltdown, vent quickly. Vent quickly? Wait I should not have a giant pity, cry your eyes until you are puffy, in need of chocolate, where is the wine meltdown? Well what is the fun in that? Hahaha!!!! Vent quickly for me means, calling mom or my best friend and venting for two minutes and then it is their turn to vent for two minutes. Yes only two minutes! Does it help, you betcha. Why? Because half the time when you are having a mommy meltdown you just need a listening board, no comments,  just someone that you can trust to listen!
Seriously, the two minute venting thing is great, try it and you will see. 
Why only two minutes....well because if you vent for any more time, you will allow yourself to feel sorry for yourself and who has time for that. Wink!
So while I think is completely human to have a mommy meltdown and sometimes even on a regular basis, we gotta keep it together. Why? Because we are moms and if we do not keep it together who will!

Have a lovely meltdown-free day!