Friday, January 4, 2013

Be A Leading Lady!

Life is about roles, right?  We all play different roles.  Whether it's the same role on a daily basis or we change it up with different situations in life.

Do you change your personality, reactions, or behaviors based on different situations?  If that's so, be careful!  You don't want to come off as fake.  Try to be the same person with everyone you meet!

So, what does it mean to be the Leading Lady?  What a beautiful term, right?  This is a most fabulous, out of this world role that all women deserve, but it isn't just a title, it's a right we deserve.  How can we earn this?  By being ourselves, thinking for ourselves and not being influenced by cultural wars and unnecessary fads (not just referring to fashion)!  This doesn't mean we are all to be alike, most definitely not!  As women, we must become the Leading Lady in each of our own unique and beautifully fabulous lives!

Sauce of Life Tips:

A woman is often defined by her style, her poise, her presence (or lack thereof) and her behavior.  Good things to think about.  Will our friends, family and children be inspired by us?

Find a style that works best for you!  Oftentimes style will depend on our temperaments and personalities.  The interesting thing is that most women don't venture too far from a comfortable look after the age of 25.  With that being said, find the best fit for your body and temperament and then add a few changes each season as colors change, patterns are renewed and maybe try a few new looks.

Find your poise and presence, learn to carry yourself.  Yes, all of our mothers told us not to slouch but maybe they were right.  This doesn't mean we have to sit like it's time for High Tea, but simple things like standing without hunched shoulders or learning to walk correctly in heels are required!

Behavior.  Depending on what each of our current roles are: Wives, Mothers, Attorneys, Doctors, Beauticians, Teachers, Writers, etc. behave as you should in what you are called to do!  This shouldn't need a huge explanation.  Have propriety!

Here are a few Leading Ladies we admire!

Who hasn't seen the show "Downton Abbey"?  Well if you haven't maybe you need to get out of your little shell and be prepared as this show will sweep you off your feet!

If you are an avid watcher of "Downton Abbey", we hope this will inspire you!

Which Leading Lady are you  most like?

A strong, independent minded woman.

A warm, caring wife and mother, but a force to be reckoned with!

The bound of sisterly love.

Do you still find time for yourself? 
Are you a hard-worker, a dedicated person?

Are you a Leading Lady who provides humor, class and ingenuity?

Are you an independent, fire of a woman?
Are you a sweet, caring and sensitive Leading Lady?
Do you beat to your own drum?

Are you inspired by fashion?  Or do you inspire the fashions?
Credit: Marie Claire

Whoever your are, whatever your passions, BE THE LEADING LADY!


  1. I love downtown abbey! nice post! very inspirational :)


  2. Amazing post! Lots of great hints for all of us leading ladies! Thanks much.

  3. Finding a style that works best for you is great advice! I love Downton Abbey ladies too! ;-)
    Found you through the giveaway and am your newest follower,