Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Little Girls and Little Boys

Let me start out by saying that I grew up in a family of all boys. I have three younger brothers, so for the most part I spent my childhood playing with boys. As a little girl, I always wanted to be a mother of boys, probably because that was what I knew best. Well, now that I am a mother of three boys, it is definitely a different experience than just being a sister of many brothers.

I had always wanted a little girl, and my husband and I were blessed with that girl as our first child. She is such a help, and loves to assist her little brothers in a "motherly" way that comes instinctively to her (with a tinge of bossiness). I love her so very dearly, but it is absolutely amazing how differently little girls and little boys need love. It is very true that girls and boys are wired with some distinctive traits, which makes them unique, so lovable, and complimentary to each other. I am not saying that all girls have the same qualities and all boys have the same qualities, but I have noticed significant similarities.

Little Girls

     My daughter shows love through gifts, especially drawing pictures and wrapping presents. It doesn't matter what the gift is, she just loves to prepare it and give it. This is definitely one of her love languages, but it seems to be pretty consistent across the board for girls.

     Little girls talk a lot! They don't necessarily need to have a conversation, but they need to know someone is listening to them. Instead of needing constant hugs, my daughter just needs to know that I am present, not that I necessarily hear everything, but that I am available when she needs to talk.

     Above all, little girls love to serve others which shows their independency. This trait seems to come instinctively, but oftentimes isn't fostered correctly by parents and then they become self-centered. If girls learn how significant this quality is, especially as adults, they will do great things! I have noticed that girls feel accomplished and of value when they complete a project or are given a task. (It does helps that girls multi-task extremely well).

Little Boys

     My boys, show love through touches, kisses, and hugs. It isn't enough to only know that I am present in the room, they need to be squished up against my arm or sitting on my lap with their arms around my neck. These are the moments I love, while I remind myself to slow down with my daily tasks to spend precious moments with them.

     Little boys talk when it's necessary. For the most part, my boys only talk when they need something specific. I have noticed that one of my sons becomes much louder when my daughter is in the room. It is almost like he needs to compete with the noise, but when she isn't in the room, he's pretty quiet (unless he's in the middle of a wrestling match with his brother).

     The most important thing I have learned about boys is that they need to play, and play in a boyish type of way. This type of play isn't necessarily my forte, as I don't really care to wrestle or be wild, but it is important for them to do this together. Luckily, my husband loves to wrestle!

Boys and Girls

     Boys and Girls each have their unique qualities and different ways in which they show love and need to be loved. Interestingly, girls really never outgrow their desire to serve and care for others, while boys never really outgrow their love to "play". They all grow up to be adults, but their desires remain the same. These desires only grow with them - women learn to serve others, whether through their job or in their family, while men "play" either with their tools, sports, or friends. It's beautiful how boys and girls desire different forms of love.