Friday, February 24, 2012

Be a Bridesmaid and Get Over Yourself! You're Not the Bride!

Written By: Ooh La La (Danielle Marie)

Every bride has those friends they regret asking to stand up in the wedding.  Why must there always be a bridesmaid who finds issue with the dress style or color or length or fit?  Usually there is always one bridesmaid in a bunch who complains about the cost of everything.  And last, but not least, we have those bridesmaids who don't want to help in anyway but to make their appearance the day of the wedding!  Here's some simple advice for those of you out there who may fall into one of these categories...GET OVER YOURSELF!

Stop making it difficult for the bride, it's her special day and let her enjoy the planning of her wedding.  It's stressful enough without your complaints.

If you don't love the bridesmaid dress or you are being overly self-conscious, STOP, and keep your criticisms to yourself.  Let's be real, will you ever really wear that dress again?  And how often do you plan on looking at those pictures?  It's highly unlikely they will be hanging them next to your own wedding pictures.

Remember, that when you agree to stand up in a wedding, you need to have some money saved for dresses, shoes, jewelry, hair, engagement party costs, bridal shower costs, bachelorette party costs, gifts and any other random items the bride wishes for you to purchase.  Let's be realistic, you need about $500.  If you can't afford it, just decline the honor.  The bride won't be upset, she's planning a wedding is well aware of costs.  She would rather know the truth and not have you stand up than listen to your monetary complaints for a year.

Bridesmaids are not only asked to stand up as sign of favoritism and love but also to help with the numerous preparations.  If you can't help the maid of honor plan the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party and assist the bride with preparations and clean up the day of the wedding, then maybe you should rethink being a bridesmaid.  This isn't your day to just show-up and enjoy, it's the bride and groom's day to relax.  So, GET OVER YOURSELF!

Here's a tip:  If the bride is stressed, then the groom is stressed, so you better pick up the pieces, fast!

Remember you will eventually have your own special day, you're not the bride this time!  Be a good friend and try not to think of your needs but those of the bride and groom and it will make the planning process and wedding day much more enjoyable for all!

Courtesy of Andrew Schliesman Photography

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