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A Woman's Love Affair: Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes

Written By: Ooh La La (Danielle Marie)

Every man knows when entering a woman’s closet, he will find at least twenty pairs of shoes and this can be a gross understatement.  Shoes have a special place in every woman’s heart.  Maybe it’s one of those things that we know will always be constant, the size of our feet, of course unless they expand during pregnancy.  Shoe shopping is less exhausting than clothes shopping.  We could try on five pairs of pants in a wide range of sizes and none will fit properly, but with shoes, it’s usually only one size and one try and we are either in love or not.  It is important to remember that not all shoe types, styles, colors and patterns will look good on every woman.  They are similar to clothing in that sense.  We each have our own specific style of shoe that looks better on us, and this is because our feet are not all the same.  Luckily, they are similar enough that there is uniform sizing and we do not have to try on four different sizes to find the one that might fit in that specific brand. 

A Quote to Toast: “Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life.” ~Unknown


            Make sure to have the basic black pair of shoes, whether it’s a cute pair of pumps, stylish ballet flats or strappy sandals.  Every woman wears black shoes almost daily, especially for work or social events.  If you start with the staple colors, such as black, brown and neutral, then go crazy and start adding the reds, pinks, purples, blues, greens, etc.  Pick your basic colors based on your wardrobe, but remember that whether it’s a basic color or bold color ask yourself…can this be worn with at least one outfit?  If you go with bold, make sure you love them!  Otherwise they may sit in your closet for years to come.


            If you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd, purchase of pair of shoes with a stylish pattern which compliments your outfit.  There are so many prints available, plaids, paisleys, cheetah, faux snake, florals or color patterns.  Make sure these prints do not clash with your outfit but add an accent.  If you are wearing a Burberry plaid trench coat, do not wear floral print shoes.  Keep the patterns to a minimum, a small amount of pattern solely on your shoes can add a great deal to your outfit, but do not over do it. 

            Add a little accent or bling to spice up those everyday shoes.  A gem broach, floral pin or buckle, are great additions, but do not overdo it. 

Keep everyday shoes classy and with the streamlined look.  It would probably not be appropriate to wear extremely accessorized shoes for a business conference.  Feel free to have fun with your shoes and show your personality!

To Follow Trends or Not to Follow Trends

            Shoes go in and out of style just as fast as each season’s colors.  Do not assume you have to purchase a new pair of black heels every September.  Find classic shoes that can be worn for years to come in the basic neutral colors.  These shoes will probably be worn the most.  It is the patterned, bold prints that will quickly go in and out of style.  If you have the basic colors, you can always accessorize the shoe to add more color depending on the styles for that season.

            This should not hinder you from purchasing those bright orange strappy croc stilettos, just do not expect to get a lot of use of them.  Those are the shoes that make a big statement, but only a few times.  Keep them though; you never know when you can pull those out since the styles change so quickly from season to season.

Cost v. Designer

            This is probably the biggest dilemma for any woman.  How much to spend on a pair of shoes?  Do we purchase the Jimmy Choo’s, the Steve Madden’s or the knock-off styles from Target?  Keep in mind your budget.  It would probably make more sense to spend a little more money on the shoes you wear frequently.  These you want to last for more than one season.  If you feel the need to splurge, do so on a great pair of classic black pumps instead of the pink cheetah print stilettos.  If you do not plan on wearing the shoes that often, spend less money on that pair as they will not go through much wear and tear.

A Quote to Toast: “Shoes are like friends; they can support you or take you down.” ~Unknown


            There are such a wide range of shoe styles for women.  The only way to see what style of shoes looks best on your feet will mean some major shoe shopping.  If you have larger ankles, a chunky wedge may not be the ideal shoe for you as it may cause your ankle to look larger.  Probably a pump heel would be a better selection since it will elongate your ankle and leg.  Possibly take a friend along, or ask one of the shoe department clerks for a recommendation.  The best advice though will come from your impression.  You know what feels good and looks flattering on your own feet.  Here is a list of a few different shoe styles to explore when shopping for that perfect pair:

·         Ballet Flats: Go neutral, metallic, bold colors or accessorize these everyday shoes to compliment pants, a skirt or dresses.

·         Flip Flops: Wear these sparingly, as they portray a more casual appearance.  Never wear these to an interview, cocktail party or church event. 

·         Boots: Boots can be tricky, depending on your height and leg structure.  These also go in and out of style very quickly, try to purchase a pair of boots that can be worn several seasons and are made of good quality leather.

·         Heels: There is a large variety of heels.  Feel comfortable before venturing out in a 6 inch stiletto, but do not hesitate to at least try something new!

1.    Stilettos

2.    Peep Toes

3.    Mary Jane Pumps

4.    Kitten Heel

5.    Platform

6.    Strappy Sandals

7.    Wedges

8.    Basic Pump

·         Tennis Shoes: Keep tennis shoes for casual and athletic events.  Never wear these to a wedding, church event, cocktail party or if you plan on making a great impression.  These are not the most flattering shoes for women’s feet.

·         Basic Work Shoes (depending on profession): You know what type of shoes are required for your job.  Whether you are an attorney, nurse, teacher, etc.  Make sure you will be comfortable in whatever style of shoes you decide to purchase for work.


Need to go shoe shopping now? Or even to admire some beautiful art?


Venus High Heel


Orysia Ballet Flat


Lace Up Boots


A Quote to Toast: “What becomes of the broken-hearted? They buy shoes.”

~Mimi Pond

Good luck shopping!

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