Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What's in Your Cup of Coffee?

Written By: Ooh La La (Danielle Marie)

So tell me, how do you like your coffee?

Black?  Cream?  Sugar?   Flavored syrup?  Whipped cream?  A touch of cinnamon?

Whatever your coffee preference, you will be surprised how it relates to your portfolio, your resume, your life experiences and even your future plans.  Do you make the most of your talents and experiences while using them to further your passions, career or hobbies?  Or do you sit by the wayside hoping someone will notice your talents and only plan on utilizing them if you are given constant recognition?  If the latter is true, then you have much to learn!  It is time to look beyond yourself!

It seems like we have lost any sense of the words "personal pride" and now focus on fame and celebrity status in our culture.  It almost doesn't matter how you get there.  Unfortunately, this is detrimental.  Instead of working our way to the top, many people don't want the work, they want to be at the top because, well, they believe they deserve it!  Really?  Seriously?  This is a lazy way of thinking and it will catch up with you.

How can you take your talents and use them to further your lot in life?  Simple, discover your passions, what moves you to succeed whether personally, financially, emotionally, etc.  What's in your cup of coffee?  What are your talents?  Usually one gift can be used in several different ways, how amazing!

Word to the Wise...  Don't be a bragger, most people don't want to hear you talk about yourself.  You will be surprised how people will highly value your opinion, your time and your talents if you don't need to put them on display!

What does your coffee drinking say about you?

Black Coffee:  If you prefer your coffee without any additives, you are probably not very bending in your life decisions and don't stray from the constant norm.  This is a great quality, meaning you are very reliable, but be prepared, your opinions may not always be the best for everyone else.  Show your talents, use your God-given gifts, but remember to occasionally step out of your comfort zone.
(Melancholic or Phlegmatic Temperaments)

Coffee with Cream: You can't drink coffee without cream?  Then you are reliable, organized and flexible.  You are probably stubborn because unfortunately you can't drink black coffee or coffee with sugar; you have restricted yourself to a specific taste!  This means you know what you want.  Luckily you are flexible not only with your creamer but with life situations as well and can make quick decisions.  You are able to vary the amount of creamer without freaking out!  (Choleric or Phlegmatic Temperaments)

Coffee with Sugar:  These are the people who love the sweet things in life.  Not just sugar-wise but they take advantage of every adventure life throws at them.  Talk about flexible, these people are willing to try anything.  However, they like to try many things all at once, they get really excited and they may have a difficult time following through as new excitements pop up.  If you want to have a great time, find a coffee-mate who loves their sugar! (Sanguine Temperament)

Now this isn't an exact science, but it sure is a great conversation starter the next time you have one of those awkward pauses at a meeting or lunch date.  Ask your friend, how do they like their coffee?

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  1. Okay I have to have my coffee with a lot of the flavored husband calls my coffee flavored sugar water. ;-) But I think this is somewhat true!

    Its true..God has given us the talents we need to survive in the world, but its up to us to fight for it, tend to it, grow our talents, uncover more, be fearless, and willing to fall in order to succeed! It takes some time though to discover that your key to success is and has been front of you all your life. I used to think: okay whats something I am interested in that I could learn about in college that will give me a good paying job/career? Now its: What do I love, what naturally comes to me? Its almost like finding your soulmate..the love comes easily when its meant to be!