Monday, January 14, 2013

Make It What You Want It!

Of course, life is a struggle for everyone.  If it wasn't hard, there would probably be something wrong!  Life isn't about complaining and voicing your problems to the whole world, well at least it shouldn't be.  Life will only be what you make of it!  If you don't like your current situation, change it!  There's always a way.  There's always a responsible and healthy way to make adjustments.

The flu has been going around!  Yuck!  Not fun, especially with kiddos, but by Saturday I was feeling a lot better and feeling up to going to a wedding with Katrina.  Even though I was still a little sick, couldn't really taste the flavor of the food or breathe, I had a blast dancing!  Katrina and myself needed a girls night to let go and have fun and we sure did!

A word to the wise....make life what you want it to be.  Instead of moping around and dwelling on your problems and trials, do something about them and begin to enjoy life!  Unfortunately, if you brood too long, life will pass you by!

So raise your glass...a toast to loving life!

Life is for...
Passionate Kisses in the Rain with your Lover
Walks in the Wood with your Child
Long Talks with Good Friends
Keeping the Good Friends and Leaving the Stress
Lots and Lots and Lots of Smiles!

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  1. Loved the post, true an inspirational, I hope you get better soon an I'am sure you have a wonderful time on that wedding.