Monday, September 24, 2012

Hounds Tooth and Cobalt Blue, My Love

Written By: Ooh La La (Danielle Marie)

My love for autumn pretty much relies upon my love for fall fashion!  It brings out all those adorable coats, sweaters and skirts we are unable to layer in the summer heat.  My husband and I attended a wedding rehearsal and dinner for a couple near and dear to our hearts this weekend and wow was the weather beautiful: sunny for the most part, a little bit of rain, but that's good luck, right?

~This wrap hounds tooth jacket is from Allure Beautique, ~
~ My love for cobalt blue pencil skirts paired with this beautiful hounds tooth wrap coat ~
~ The black collared shirt is a great piece from Express ~

~ Don't forget to add extra color in your shoes! Liz Claiborne (pumps) ~

~ This fabulous bracelet is ILY COUTURE 
with a Vera Bradley neutral clutch ~
(This clutch is my go to for events!)

~ This comfy and beautiful cobalt blue skirt is from New York and Company ~

~ An unforgettable fall day! ~

What are your fall fashion go-to pieces?


  1. What a gorgeous outfit!! I am LOVING this vibrant blue color at the moment, you've mixed it perfectly with the black and white. What a fab skirt, if this was in my wardrobe I would wear it so much. So beautiful - and that bracelet just tops it off!

    Thanks so much for linking up with Style Sessions, it is lovely to have you part of it! Can't wait for your outfit this week and look forward to seeing you again on Tuesday afternoon!

    Lauren xx

  2. That HT jacket is GREAT! Loves me a good houndstooth and the collar on yours is fab. Pairing it with cobalt: extra points.

    ps: please get rid of Captcha.
    I despise Captcha - I can't see the little twisted things

  3. I love the outfit! I love the symmetry of the wrap hounds and your shoes! Oh my, are they lovely!

    Joel Salmon