Monday, October 26, 2015

Being a mother of daughters..... raising Feminists..the right kind!

So I have two beautiful daughters, Rosie and Ava. Some mothers are gifted with children that have the same temperaments or similar personalities, which is lovely. My two girlies could not be more different from one another, which is a complete blessing and curse all in one. But guess what peeps.....I am raising feminists...oh are thinking to yourself....she is actually admitting she is raising feminists!

The Merriam-Webster dictionary states
Full Definition of FEMINISM
:  the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes 
:  organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests
So YES I am raising feminists....strong females that will be leaders and role models in a society that so badly needs real feminists!!!

Females that do not want to be like men...but are proud of being females and their feminine qualities. After all ladies, we make babies and men will never be able to do that! Boom!

As of right now my Rosie wants to be a nurse like her Aunt and/or Joan of Arc...well since Joan of Arc died at the old age of 19 and was burden at the stake, I am hoping that the nurse thing works out. But I am proud that she has pick role models/real feminists that are strong females. Females that wanted to make a difference in the world, leaders that had many failings but kept going and made a difference in society. Someone once said. "Society is as good as its women." Well ladies, time to woman up! 

Future Goofballs, Strongs Leaders and always my Daughters.

My Ava's role models/real feminists are Nana (my mom), Coco Chanel, (we watched a movie about her), and her piano teacher Mary Kate. If you only knew my mom, you would understand, she is the greatest leader I know. She leads with love...never anything else.  Coco Chanel, well born leader of fashion, enough said. As for Mary Kate the piano teacher, she is teaching Ava to be a leader through their love of music.

They are my heart.
So thanks a lot feminists of the 60s... you took off your bras, made femininity about having sex with the pill....which if you haven't realized is letting men have sex with you with no consequences... not just a baby, but no true connection, no anything of substances.... and feminists of the 60s you wanted to get equal wages to men...well I agree that it should be that way! However over 50 years later we are still fighting that battle.

Where are the Real Feminists that fight for women rights, their children, their families!!!!

On a final note, I am trying to be a Real Feminist, an example to my daughters and my son of what a true woman is. 
  • I wear heels, dresses, jeans, and even "mom uniform- black yoga pants with the solid top"
  • I can shoot a duck, clean it, and cook it in an amazing orange sauce
  • I love dancing in the kitchen with my kids, drinking wine, and reading anything about the WWII
  • I love to have parties and socialize for fun or for a passionate charities.
  • I love being a mother, it is and will be my greatest accomplishment!
  • I will be a leader to my children and help them achieve their goals.
My role models are Mary Magdalene- she made mistakes but got it right in the end, Rose Seitz- a woman that taught me to find love in everything, and another lovely woman named Mary- she is graceful leader, who taught me to always keep trying and the past is the past. 

So come on ladies, will you be a real feminists or keep letting other women determine your fate. 

This blog is dedicated the my role models and the Real feminists, past, present and future! Will you choose to make a difference while owning your femininity! Time to woman up!

Have a lovely day,

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  1. Hey Katy! My Mary's Confirmation name is Joan of Arc. Great minds...