Friday, July 27, 2012

House or Home?

Written By: Va Va Voom (Katrina)

Do you have a house or home?  Do you feel relaxed and comfortable in your house or is it just a place to stay until the next big event?

Do you entertain and have people come over?  Or are you embarrassed and ashamed of your house? If so, it's definitely not a home.

In this crazy world we live and everything is rush rush rush...but we shouldn't feel rushed to leave our house, right?

Remember those knickknacks your Granny use to having around her home?  Believe it or not, that made her house a home.  Those were little precious memories surrounding her throughout the day.

No matter what the size of your house it's easy to make it a home!  Want to know the secret?  The perfect recipe to make a house a home is one part cheerful colors, one part memorable knick knacks with picture frames and stir it with load and loads of laughter of loved ones!

Make your house a home today!

(Pillows from Bed Bath and Beyond.  Leopard fleece throw: fabric from JoAnn Fabrics)

 ~ Add a leopard print throw with your decorative pillows for warm feel with a saucy edge! ~

~ Display a vase of flowers on your dining room table for a warm summer touch. ~


  1. I agree! Many people would consider our house "too small" for four kids, but I think it is just perfect and we LOVE to spend time in our home and have others over. We may need to move in the next couple years and I think we will have such a hard time of it because we love our cozy home so much and have so many wonderful memories! :) I love to have a vase of flowers on the table- I wish it would last longer! I like how Aldi's has inexpensive flowers near the checkouts it's such a pick me up to have fresh flowers in the house! Too bad I have two black thumbs or I could grow more of my own- haha

    1. We agree! Size doesn't matter, it's how much love and warmth you put into it! Flowers are such a great addition to any home!