Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are Christmas Cards a Dying Art?

Written By: Va Va Voom (Katrina)

Are Christmas cards a dying art for this generation? Let's hope not!

Okay people, this isn't news but we all have very stressful and busy lives, so it's time to think of others! Remember, Christmas is a time for giving so let's spread a little cheer with a card!

A Christmas card may take only five minutes at the max!  Just imagine the joy it brings to someone for a whole day!

Who doesn't have those long distant relatives we rarely call or write.  This is the time to make up for our lack of effort.  Just send them a Christmas card with a short personal note! Guilt is gone! Oh yeah!

Then there are those friends who you avoid seeing but you still want to remain in contact, send them a Christmas card! Try to be a better friend in the New Year and start with a Christmas card.  Hehe

Don't forget those people who think their kids are God's gift to the world, when really your children are much more superior! So send them a Christmas card....with a gorgeous photo of your kids! Haha

But seriously, Christmas has continued to lose its' meaning a little more each year.  It is about time to remember where we came from, to love our family and friends, to share and show that love towards everyone!  Don't just think of yourself, spread some love!

For pete's sake, we're supposed to be merry during Christmas so send a Christmas card to help someone feel merry, crack a smile and remember the reason for the season!

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