Saturday, December 17, 2011

Don't Forget the Glam and Add your Saucy Side!

Written By: Ooh La La (Danielle Marie)

Everyone loves the Holidays, especially with the many occassions offered of dressing to the "nines" and showing your fablous side of sauciness.  It seems that the parties are numerous, but each one with a different "dress attire" or "theme".  Confusing?  It's doesn't have to be.  Embrace these social gatherings by glitzing yourself all over from head to toe.  We are not referring to that sticky glitter used by most teenagers,  Glitzing yourself all over from head to toe means to be yourself, by adding a level of sauciness.

Take those black dress pants with a red cardigan and saucify yourself  by wrapping a sequin scarf around your neck or waist.  Use it as a headband for a touch of glitz to a messy updo.

Wear those classy black pumps and instead of beige or suntan nylons, let's go for the argyle plaid, grey striped or solid black tights.

And never forget about the accessories!  This is the time to go big!  Add those long over the top candelier earrings, or bust out a large rinestone ring.  Long necklaces are always a great addition to a cowl neck sweater dress with cute leggings and pumps. 

Take an extra 15 minutes to explore your inner saucy side when getting dressed.  Remember, you are creating a masterpiece and you are not only the sculptor but also the clay.  So, don't forget the glam during this special Christmas season!

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