Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Pineapple: What and When to Bring Host/Hostess Gifts?

Written By: Va Va Voom (Katrina)

So, who isn’t baffled when it comes to gifts for a host/hostess?  This may be a tricky situation with our ever changing modern social standards.  Here are some guidelines which will help you determine if a gift is necessary for your next event. 

Are you attending an event or party hosted in honor of another person, such as a baby shower, bridal shower, engagement party, etc.?  Then a host/hostess gift is absolutely not expected.  It is more than likely you are bringing a gift for the mother-to-be, the engaged couple, or the bride –to-be, focus on them instead.  The host/hostess won’t be upset!

Are you attending a cocktail party, casual brunch or bonfire?  Host/hostess gifts are completely optional.  If you know the person well, and wish to be overly generous, then feel free to bring a gift.  A bottle of wine or selections of gourmet cheeses are perfect gifts for a cocktail party.  If you are bringing a dish to pass or specialty drinks, then this gesture is a gift in its own right and will be much appreciated by the host/hostess.

Are you attending a dinner party?  This would be the time to think of a creative and personal gift for the special host/hostess, especially if you know them well.  However, if you are preparing entrées, appetizers or purchasing liquor and wine, these contributions most definitely qualify as a gift to the host/hostess.  If you still feel obligated to bring a gift, choose something personal for the person or couple, but keep your spending below $25.00, this isn’t suppose to be equivalent to a birthday gift!

Are you attending a weekend at their summer home or lake house?  This is most definitely the appropriate time to bring a gift to show your thanks!  Keep it personal and within a reasonable price range, such as everyone chipping in for a spa or restaurant gift certificate.  If you are purchasing a gift on your own, arrive with a bouquet of flowers, a selection of Brazilian coffees, a box of Godiva chocolates or a basket with favorite movies, popcorn and candy.

If you are having a difficult time deciding what to bring, just remember, keep it simple.  It is the thought that counts!  Even a handwritten mailed thank you note is such a special treat.

Remember to say thank you to the host/hostess when leaving the event, if you forget, then you should definitely mail a thank you card.  If you did say thank you, but would like to express it again, then a quick email or text can be appropriate.  However, an email is not appropriate if you did not express your thanks when leaving.

Here are a few additional gift ideas for that special host/hostess:

·         A Woodwick candle, www.woodwick.com

·         A small porcelain dish (for serving or decoration)

·         The latest bestselling novel (for an avid reader)

·         An assortment of tea, www.teaforte.com

·         A set of oils for golf clubs or a box of their favorite golf balls (for the golf lover)

·         A box of Penzey’s spices, www.penzeys.com

·         Fresh flowers or a house plant, either from your local florist or made by you

·         A bottle of wine, Port or an assortment of specialty beers

·         Personalized stationary or unique journal , www.scribblespaper.com

Or if you are the host/hostess, have a pineapple for your guests either to eat or use it as a table decoration to show your hospitality, warmth and friendship!  http://www.levins.com/pineapple.html

Can you re-gift?  This is always the taboo question of our times.  Yes, you can re-gift, but if you do, the item must be new, still in the packaging and remember who gave it to you originally.  Re-gifting bottle of wine, which you haven’t opened yet, is completely acceptable.  Do not re-gift a handmade, personal gift.  The receiver will know it was not truly meant for them!  Think before you re-gift!  Would you want this gift?  Keep re-gifting for those rare occasions.

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