Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Dedicated Bridesmaid

Written By: Ooh La La (Danielle Marie)

With the continuous number of weddings we attend throughout the year, we thought it was apropo to give credit to those bridesmaids (particularly maids/matrons of honor) who have worked day and night pleasing every whim of the bride.  Basically they have become the "event planner" (definitely not feeling the David Tutera limelight) for the occassion and by no means getting the credit or recognition deserved!

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Brides, if you have been graced with sweet, dedicated and unselfish maids/matrons of honor, you have been blessed! If all your bridesmaids are sweet, dedicated and unselfish, then you are doubly blessed! Don't take them for granted, believe me, there are plenty of women out there who you would never wish to stand up. Sometimes, it's almost better to exclude those women from the bridal party.  Let's be real, they are the ones who will start drama.


So, take the time and recognize the dedication of your bridesmaids, even if it is just one lady who does it all, give her some recognition.  Please, we don't need to be politically correct here, give credit where credit is due!  Maybe it's time to choose quality over quantity!

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Sauce of Life Tip:  Eggplant is the color for 2013 weddings!

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