Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Empty Chair

Written By: Ooh La La (Danielle Marie)

While we were at the County Zoo today, I was horrified to see a man quickly claim the last empty chair in the shade.  At the same time a pregnant woman was trying to make it over to that same chair while pushing a stroller and holding the hand of her 3 year old daughter.  All she needed was a place to rest in the shade, and unfortunately that last lawn chair was taken and never offered to the woman.

What happened to the days when men would immediately relinquish their seats to any woman, pregnant or not?  This should be common-sense; it isn't rocket science!  Now granted, there may be exceptions to this theory, but over all, women appreciate the courtesy a man shows by relieving his seat for her.  It provides the man with a sense of chivalry and shows the woman respect.

So to make this short and sweet...

Men, offer up your chairs!  It is probably one of the most simple but honorable actions.  This may require you to become more observant and courteous, but make that extra effort.  Stand out from the crowd and be a gentleman!

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  1. I'm proud of both of you....keep it up.....Norm/Dad