Friday, November 2, 2012

Things We Love About America!

With election week approaching while also remembering those hurting from Super Storm Sandy, here are our top six things we love about America!  
(There are plenty more, but we had to narrow it down!)
Show some American Pride this week!

What a beautifully photographed picture!  Our American Flag and the Washington Monument.

Uncle Sam never seems to get old.  This is a true man, look at those muscles!

A French Man told me once, that after he saw the Grand Canyon, America resembled a "Queen"!
He said there's nothing like it in Europe!  Oh how we love the French!

Stay at this beautifully restored Bed & Breakfast in Williamsburg, VA while touring this historical living museum.  If you need a history fix, this is the place to go!  

Don't Forget the Apple Pie!
We all have a soft spot for apple pie.  These apple pie tarts were amazing with ice cream!

Of course, a shout out to our men in uniform!
Photo: via Facebook

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  1. yes love this post!! I've never seen Uncle Sam that way haha Found you through Friday Faves hop!
    Helene in Between