Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Work Like An American!

Written By: Danielle Marie

Here's my little rant, with a patriotic flare...

What has made America great?  Well many things, but one of the most important traits is the value of hard work.  We all want to be successful in our jobs, with our family, in our social circles, while also finding true eternal happiness.  Unfortunately, that underlying push which was so vivid in America 50 years ago has begun to unravel.

Have we become too accustomed to the easy life?  Some Americans are afraid of hard work, they want everything at their finger tips, instantaneously.  Others, no longer have the drive to succeed, they only want to be told what to do and in the end receive a paycheck, because, for them, it's all about the money.  However,  there is a group of up and coming Americans who are ready for the hard work, they want to earn their success, they have a heart full of passion and can't stop their drive to succeed.  These are the people who will help turn this economy around!  It's not the current politicians or the old American families, such as the Rockefellers, the Carnegies or the Morgans.  No, these people already had their time in history.  We thank them for their contributions but it is now time to advance forward.  

Who are these passion-driven Americans?  These are the average men and women you encounter everyday, they understand the important things in life: faith, family, friends, and work.  They want to make their way in the world, they want to be true Americans!

So what type of American do you wish to be?  Do you want to be told what to do everyday, as long as you get that solid paycheck every other week?  Or do you want to take chances, risks and work hard to help America become a nation of value again?

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