Friday, February 15, 2013

Interior Design: A Champagne Budget, or Not!

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It has been a busy week with lots of planning, running around and and of course a few coughs 
(unfortunately it's still winter).   
Katrina is planning a large event tonight, I'm so looking forward to attending.  
Great company, great food and a great speaker.  

This post is dedicated to interior design.  Everyone dreams of the perfect home, but oftentimes we dream on champagne budget and who really has that type of money to spend?  So we have found photos of homes with designs, colors and patterns that can be easily replicated without spending huge amount of money, but warning you may need a handyman in your family!

  If you take the time to decorate, use your colors wisely, a limited budget will not be a problem.  
Here are a few photos to give you a bit of inspiration.

Cozy Kitchen
Credit: Pinterest

Natural Decor for an Elegant Feel
Credit: Pinterest

Simple Living
Credit: Pinterest

Classic and Modern Eating
Credit: Pinterest

Books, Space and Beyond
Credit: Pinterest

A Counter for Clothes
Credit: Pinterest

A Room of Mud and Fun
Credit: Pinterest

Vintage and Sweet
Credit: Pinterest

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  1. Gosh I love these! Makes me wish I had the money to redecorate everything in my house!!

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Terra @