Monday, April 29, 2013

Did You Forget to RSVP?

Over the weekend, we had several parties and events to attend.  Yes, it was one of those busy weekends, where sitting down and sleep almost seem nonexistent!  But it was worth it, spending time with friends and family!  Anyhow, during one of the events I was speaking with a few people about our new book, Provocative Manners: The Sauce of Life, and how one of our biggest pet peeves is the lack of guests responding to an invitation.

Why is it so difficult to respond yes or no to an event?  Is is a bit of insecurity?  Maybe it's too difficult for someone to make a commitment.  Or is it a bit of laziness?  Wait, this shouldn't be an excuse, especially if it has prepaid postage.  Or are we just that inconsiderate of others?  We think only ourselves and our schedules.  Unfortunately, not many people show respect. 

Remember, it is crucial that you respond, "yes" or "no" to an event!  If you are unsure whether you can attend, then contact the host/hostess and let them know you are a "maybe", believe me, they will appreciate this!  It's difficult planning the food, drinks, decor and location when the guest count is difficult to determine.

Credit: Solis Winery

Sauce of Life Tip:

Respond to a Party ASAP!  If you are waiting to find out whether the date works for you, write the deadline on the calendar so you respond promptly to the invitation.  Don't leave your host/hostess in the lurch!

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