Monday, July 16, 2012

Be Vivacious and Allure the Men!

Written By: Ooh La La (Danielle Marie) & Va Va Voom (Katrina)

Well, what do men admire most?  You guessed right, a well-dressed woman!  Let's be real, men are visual beings so keep it easy on the eyes!  It's not only a well-dressed woman that will move every man's head in her direction.  What about her passion, her drive, her love for life?  All in all, men want women to have it all!  So women, be it all!  Where to start?

BE VIVACIOUS!  Vivacious is to be full of an animated-spirit, to have that inner passion!  Passion, what's that?  Unfortunately, men oftentimes refer to women as dull, boring, uninteresting...uggh...let's stop there.  Who wants to be given these titles?  Most men complain that women are more like girls.  Where have all the women gone?  Women like Sophia Loren, Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Catherine Zeta Jones, etc?  The females that are the definition of vivacious: they walk, talk and ooze femininity.  Femininity is what real men desire, those gallant, chivalrous and bold men (we've all dreamed of them).

ALLURE THE MEN!  How can this be accomplished?  Well, as we said men are visual beings, so dress your part.  Use your curves, your style and colors to ooze your femininity!  But be real!

To help you ladies along, we have a fun start to the week!  Who would like to do some shopping?  We have discovered a really cute, absolutely adorable, fun and trendy women's boutique where everything is bought and sold via facebook!   Yes, ladies, this has become our latest addiction!  It's named, ALLURE BEAUTIQUE.

"Keeping it Sassy and Classy" ~ Allure Beautique
This dress is $36 at Allure Beautique!

So you may be wondering how this post applies to Provocative Manners?  Well since we (Danielle Marie and Katrina) thrive on shopping and amazingly beautiful clothes that are well-priced, we wanted to spread the love to our readers!  So now is the fun part!


There are only 2 rules.

1.  You must "like" the Facebook page for "Provocative Manners" and comment about the raffle


2. You must "like" the Facebook page for "Allure Beautique" and comment about the raffle

By "liking" both pages you will be entered into the drawing for the $50 gift card!  We will be drawing the winners on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at 12:00 p.m. central time.  The winner will be posted on both pages (PROVOCATIVE MANNERS and ALLURE BEAUTIQUE).  The $50 gift card can be applied after placing an order at Allure Beautique via Facebook.

Spread the word so your friends can take part in this fun raffle!  Thanks for participating!
These scarves are $12 at Allure Beautique
Great for your Fall Wardrobe!

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  1. sounds awesome. (p.s. I love the nicknames Ooh lala and Va va voom!)