Saturday, July 21, 2012

It's a Two-Way Street!

Written By: Ooh La La (Danielle Marie)

Where have all the friendships gone?  Weird question, right?  Not really.  Our world of over-communication via internet has somehow lost those good old-fashioned friendships.  What's the reason?  Why have so many friendships gone amiss?  Well no one wants to go out of their way anymore.  If you want a good friendship, you have to be an amazing friend and work at it.  Don't expect the other person to do all the work.  Why is it so hard to be a good friend? Has our world become so self-centered?

What makes a good friend?  Need a few Sauce of Life Tips?

Call, text, email or stop over at a friend's house just to see how they are doing.  You may be needed more than you think or more than they will admit!

Once in awhile, send a funny or sentimental card in the mail.  Everyone loves to receive snail mail (that isn't junk) and this shows you were thinking about them.

Don't forget the flowers!  All women love flowers, so bring your bestie a small bouquet of tulips or wildflowers just to show you care.  It may make her day more than you realize.  (Hey, we need to pick up where men may slack.)

Listen.  This one is difficult for all of us.  Everyone wants to talk, but no one wants to listen.  And be careful not to force your opinions on others, wait for them to ask for advice.

If you are invited to several "outings", "playdates", "girls nights" try to attend a few of them, even if you are exhausted.  Just making an appearance at such events will have more impact than you may think.

We have only touched the surface for what it takes to be a good friend, but we all need a place to start, right?  Stay tuned for more. 

Do you have any creative ideas for showing your best friends you care?

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