Friday, March 1, 2013

If I Could Style You For a Day....

If I could pick Ooh la la's clothes for a day.... 
she would wear....
To Work
To the Grocery shore! She loves Paris!

This is what she normal wears, and looks fabulous!
What I would want her to wear for bunch!

She could wear this to the Oscars!

She loves a good pedicure and these shoes would be fun!

For her Sassy date with her husband!

To wear after the date....tehetehe!

To wear to the church....just kidding, maybe shopping in Roma!

If I could pick VaVa Voom's clothes for a day...
she would wear...

To wear for work

Girls night out

Date Night!

Wear to a book signing, these shoes are just that fabulous!

Wear to a wedding, perfect dress for a guest

Perfect for a night at the Oscars! 

To wear everyday!  Lots and lots of color.

A trip to an art gallery

This fabulous hat for the beach

Of course something fabulous, yet provocative for Paris Fashion Week!


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  1. I can't even choose a favorite of all these - they are just too beautiful!

    The Hartungs Blog