Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tips of the Trade: Restaurant Manners

Walking into a restaurant should be a pleasant experience for everyone involved, right?  It should be a relaxing evening out for the customers, but we must also remember this is someone's evening at work too.  So that being said, it should be an enjoyable night for all parties involved.  If the customer and the server both remain polite and courtesy it will be best for all parties.

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We put together a few "sauce of life customer tips" to keep in mind for a fabulous evening out to dinner!
Sauce of Life Tips for the Customer

Remain polite and courteous.  Your server is a human being, not a robot.  Treat them with respect and do not dismiss their presence as if they were a dog.

People tend to go to restaurants when they are in a good mood or want to have a fun time.  If you come stressed or crabby, try to change your attitude before walking in the door.  Your bad mood will rub off on others, including your server.  Enjoy the atmosphere, otherwise just stay home.

Always make eye contact.  Not that awkward eye contact where you stare into a strangers eye, kinda creepy.  No, the typical eye contact where you occasionally glance down at your menu or sip a glass of water, but don't stare at the server and don't look at other customers while the waiter is explaining the menu.  Can we say...distracted and rude!

When you tell the waiter you are ready to order, please be ready to order.  Don't expect him to stand there waiting 10 minutes while your look through the menu.  He usually has other tables to attend.

Always allow the woman to order first.  Basic manners, please!

Funny cartoon, not funny in real life!
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When your food is delivered, the servers are holding hot plates, please move for water glass, wine glass, silverware or whatever is in the way so they can put your plates down quickly.

Tip adequately in proportion to the service received.  An average server makes $2.33 per hour, so they obviously rely heavily on your tips.  Don't forget, most restaurants have the servers split their tips among other workers in the restaurant, so it won't be going all to them.  20% is a good starting tip, if the service was wonderful.  Tip more if you were given excellent service!

If you desire good service, be a good customer.  It's two-way street.

Enjoy the evening, be pleasant and put your fabulous foot forward!

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Stay tuned for "Sauce of Life Server Tips"!


  1. We were eating once and this one guy mopping the floor beside us without even saying an excuse or something. But we try to be as polite as possible to those who are serving our food.

  2. Common courtesy is sorely lacking these days. It's not that difficult to be polite, yet so many choose to be rude.