Thursday, October 15, 2015

Life is full of Glitter and Bubbles - A Reflection of Childhood.

Every job has multiple ups and downs, stressful moments and moments of excitement, but I would have to say that motherhood is probably one of those jobs with the most unpredictable situations. These aren't just those random days once a month or once a week that take us off guard, these highs and lows occur everyday! There is something to be said about methodical repetition as a mother of little ones. No matter how much we attempt to create "structure", there is always something that hampers that "routine". Do you what to know what creates those diversions? It's the glitters and bubbles of life, our little kiddos.

Nothing in life is more precious and worth working so hard for each day than our children, those pieces of glitter and floating bubbles that are beautiful in their own right, but also extremely difficult to restrain and control. After all, they are children... They must be taught this restraint through love and example. I'm not saying that children should be undisciplined. I am only saying that instead of expecting our little toddlers to become exemplary citizens within a day, a week, or even a year, we need to teach those pieces of glitter and floating bubbles (who have their own personalities and God-given temperaments) with our unconditional love and respect first. At one time, we were sparkling glitter or a floating bubble in our parents' lives creating just as much havoc. What helped our parents get through those tough stages? It was our smiling and silly faces, our kisses and hugs, and those precious moments that made up for the stressful ones. For everyday that we feel overwhelmed, we only need to stop and enjoy those little ones who have become our life, our work, and our loves.

My youngest son, who is 20 months old, is beginning to repeat words, and one of his favorites is "bubble". Maybe it's partly because he loves bubble baths or that he gets a reaction from me because it's so cute in his high-pitched toddler voice. I can't help but smile when he says this word. A word so simple, but so sweet and innocent - a reflection of childhood. That 20 month old is one of the floating bubbles in my life, and always brightens my days through his silly and innocent ways.

Instead of trying to restrain or complain about those pieces of glitter and floating bubbles, it's time that we let our children be children. If we are the good examples, through our love and joy, and create an environment of structure, those little ones will develop the same life skills without losing their personalities, because who doesn't smile when they see glitter and bubbles?

Glitter DIY Project

My daughter requested a more "girly" trick or treat basket. What better way to make it girly than with pink and gold glitter, and a little bit of leopard print!

Girly Glitter

A perfect paper mache cauldron from the craft store.

Lightly sprayed white before Mod Podge and glitter applied.

The final touch: a cheetah print "duck tape" wrapped handle.

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