Monday, October 19, 2015

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Not only is the title of this blog a great movie with Sophia Loren (love her) but it is also my kiddos! …cue the confused look on your face. 

Oh by the way this is a great time to go get a cup of coffee and something yummy to eat

I have three children, Cliff, Rosie and Ava and Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday describe my kids personalities.

Cliff is my oldest. At the old age of eight, he is my "Yesterday" personality. He brings up memories all the time, whether it was a toy he use to play with, a holiday party or even a book I read to him years ago. He also loves history, sometimes I wonder if he was born in the wrong generation? He is my old soul kid…don’t get me wrong he loves all the technical advances of today..I actually had to hide the Wii from him. He takes his role as the only male in the house very seriously….but loves it. Yesterday he told his sisters that he deserved more respect and then proceeded to try and conceive me that HE needed a man cave…keep dreaming kid.

My Cliff

Rosie is my middle child. She is seven going on twenty-six. She is a tiny version of myself when I was her age, she lives for tomorrow. So as my “Tomorrow" personality she is always asking…What are we doing tomorrow? She obviously needs to know so she can fill out her social calendar… She loves life and everything in it, the good the bad, the crazy and the ugly. If it is there, Rosie will love it. She only sees the good in people and if people let her down, she will forget and always give them another chance. She is my eternal optimist.

My Rosie

Ava is my baby that only wants today. She lives each and everyday to the fullest, she gives it her all. So as my "Today" personality she is also the brain of the family. I feel like her head is always calculating and evaluating all the situations she is in. Whether she is at the playground playing with her friends, or reading with me at home…she wants to experience it to the utmost. At five years old, she analyses everything and everyone…sometime to a fault. Lots of questions…most she usually answers herself.

As I said before I am single mom raising three kids….but sometimes I think they are raising me. What do I mean? Take a moment to see the world through your children’s eyes…..they see possibilities, they see fun and silliness, they see happiness. Some say they see this because they are naive…true…but I think they see the truth, and we adults have become so jaded with hardships of life that we do not always see it. There is an abundance of good in the world…just look through your children's eyes.

On a silly note….. my kids are no angels… they drive me crazy too and sometimes even gang up on me to the point I have to say out loud to myself… “I am the adult I am in charge!"… wait I am in charge???… I think I am in charge… no no no I am defiantly in charge.

Have the loveliest of days or at least attempt too,

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