Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Are You A Tease? The Lover v. The Leaver!

Written By: Danielle Marie

Every woman wants to be somewhat of a tease.  We want to allure our men, bring them into our world.  We want them to want us!  But there is a difference between that "good" type of teasing that every healthy relationship needs, and yes even after 20 years of marriage you better be a tease to your husband, or that "bad" type of teasing where a woman takes continual advantage and plays with the heart strings of the man she supposedly loves.

"Good" Teaser: The Lover
Wear what attracts your lover!  Does he love you in that red dress or a pair of black boots?
     Oftentimes dressing isn't only for us, but for the people around us!

     Tease your partner with their favorite culinary dishes.  Spend time in the kitchen cooking for your significant other!

     Plan an amazing date night.  Yes, we believe men should be in charge of this, but can you imagine how seductive it is for a man to enjoy an unexpected date once in awhile?

Does your lover have a favorite perfume he likes you to wear?  A few drops before he comes home from work might spark a little heat.

Sneaking up behind your significant other and kissing his neck is good teasing!  Show your love by touching and kissing, often!

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Who doesn't love to see true love with a happy ending?

"Bad" Teaser: The Leaver

Never officially breaking up with a boyfriend and contacting him only to keep his interest is a bad tease!

Is your significant other ready for the next step and are you too indecisive?   You choose not to make a commitment, then it's time to be honest about the situation.  You are being a tease!  Don't lead him on if you both have different paths!

If you are unable to put any effort into your relationship, then you are a bad tease!  Don't waste his time and yours, maybe it's not the right moment for a relationship!  Seeing your significant other only two times a month and you have been dating for over a year, is not acceptable, unless you both agreed on this arrangement...

Is your relationship not a priority?  Does your significant other feel like a friend or brother rather than your lover?  Then it's time to take a step back, maybe you're too immature for the relationship!  Not everyone is meant to be have a long-term commitment or to get married, so be honest with yourself.  If your relationship isn't a priority to you, then don't waste his time!

If you can't invest any emotion into the relationship, then you are leading him on!  Don't put on a show to get what you want!

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