Monday, October 15, 2012

One of Those Annoying Habits!

Written By: Danielle Marie

I thought it was time to share one of the most annoying habits that drives me nuts!  And of course, I've seen it all over the country.  I have no idea who or why started this, but unfortunately it's pretty common, but absolutely disgusting!  This could be a variety of different things, but for me, one of the most gross and animal-like behaviors is spitting in public!

Now it's repulsive enough to watch a person hack up a piece of their own saliva but the next course of action is the worst part!  Why is it necessary to spit a large amount of your phlegm on the ground for a public display?  Does this make a man feel more like a man?  Well they are so wrong!  A man would never just spit on the ground in front of women or children and then not care if someone might step in it!  (NEED I SAY MORE?)  As a woman, there's no reason that spitting in public is ever necessary.  It doesn't help a woman ooze with femininity, on the contrary it makes us wonder who taught her those manners!

Maybe I'm a little strong on this topic, but at one point my daughter saw a random person do this and then she thought it was acceptable.  We quickly got her out of that thought process!  And don't tell me it's a form of expression, that excuse is beginning to hit a limit!  Did it ever occur to people that by watching our behaviors and manners, we might have a influence on society?  Everyone wants to be an individual, well this doesn't mean disgusting habits are acceptable.  No, it means being yourself but still having those common courtesies towards others!

Happy Monday!
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