Monday, October 1, 2012

Closet Organization: Close It or Closet It

Written By: Ooh La La (Danielle Marie)

Even with an incredibly busy weekend, my husband and I (mostly my husband) were able to organize several area of our house!  So I thought it was appropriate to discuss closest organization based on our temperaments.  How do you organize your clothing closet?  Does your temperament have anything to do with your system of organization?  Do you prefer to keep your closet door closed or open?  It's all on how you organize it!

Choleric: A typical choleric will more than likely organize their closets based on type of clothing and color.  They find it easiest to choose an outfit by organizing each piece of clothing into a similar category such as shirts, sweater, dresses, etc. and then each category is placed together by color. Sorry choleric, you are the most anal-retentive without being an over the top perfectionist!  Is this too extreme?

Melancholic: If you are wondering which temperament has the highest degree of perfectionism?  It's the melancholic, who are extremely thoughtful and consider various options before making a decision.  Their closets are typically not all similar as color may work better for some and organizing by type of clothing works better for others.  However, their closets are the most meticulous as they are extremely concerned about keeping the condition of their clothing in pristine condition.  Way to make us look bad, Melancholic!

Phlegmatic: This is the temperament that would more likely prefer to close their closet door rather than keep it open.  A typical phlegmatic is the most likely to not have a specific organizational system.  They are extremely dutiful, but oftentimes put organization to the wayside.  If they have become accustomed to a disheveled closet, it will be very difficult for them to change their methods as they don't prefer change.  Stability is comforting.  Who doesn't like comfort?

Sanguine: We all know the sanguine love the social life and this is exactly how they organize their closets.  It's all based on future social events, dressy sweaters near cute skirts or dress pants.  Work clothes will be put together for the days at the office and fitted tees/denim are organized together for those casual events.  Only a sanguine will understand this method of composition.  Way to make it all about the social events even arranging your closet, Sanguine!

How do you organize?

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