Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to Have a Lovely Day!

Credit: Skinnygirl

Enjoy beautiful food.

Wear fabulous jewelry.

Sip a warm cup of coffee and all your worries disappear.

Send a personalized card to a friend.

Spend the day crafting with the kids.
Credit: La La Love

Time with a best friend.

Keep your crabbiness to yourself.
Credit: Lovely Day

Flirt with your special someone.  Quality time is a must!
Credit: Love Day

Chocolate brightens everyone's day.

Enjoy the simplicity of life.
Credit: Lovely Day

Star the ripple effect.
Start the love and it will continue with others.
Credit: Love


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  1. Following from WW at Create With Joy.

    I feel like I've just gotten a nice hug. Thanks! :O)