Friday, May 17, 2013


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We are ending Week 3 of the Revolt Fitness Program, and unfortunately it has not been the most successful for me.  Not that I didn't try, but a nasty head cold has officially hit my entire body and I have felt pretty out of commission all week.  Luckily I am on the mend!  So I was barely able to work out due to lack of energy and really had no motivation to eat.  Sorry for all the complaining, but when I did force myself to eat I did stay within the food recommendations.  So with that being said, being almost the end of week three I have lost 4 lbs on REVOLT!

Credit: BlissTree

It truly is an amazing program and I am so looking forward to next week when I'm feeling better and can go back into the program 110%!!!

If you need a fitness program that includes every meal for the week, with recipes, fabulous motivating workouts for each day (with videos) then you should definitely try Revolt!  Nicohle Huntsman will be starting a FREE kick start week soon!  For more information go to the website:

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