Saturday, September 15, 2012

Step Down!

Written By: Ooh La La (Danielle Marie)

Have you ever been in those situations where it takes all your strength not to roll your eyes, say a harsh remark or even worse, reach across and slap that person?  Maybe it was their nasty comments, or the tone of their voice.  Maybe it's their rude facial expressions, or a horrid attempt to prove superiority and status?  Who hasn't dealt with these types of people?  Oh you haven't? Just wait, they come along right when you least expect it!  So, be prepared ahead of time.  How will you handle these confrontational situations?

Pick Your Battles

It's sad to say, but these people who feel they need to "prove" something with their rudeness are not worth your time and should be shown some charity and pity for their classless courtesies.  It may not be the best time to put that person in their place, don't humiliate someone in front of a group of people.  Give them a little leeway, it might just be an off day for them!

The start of a beautiful friendship!

Don't Be A Pushover

Kindness and charity is possible without being a pushover!  Charity does not mean you are forced to let people walk all over you!  Charity is wishing what is well and good for every human being.  If this means a correction is due, think it over before creating a scene and maybe regretting your actions!  It might have a fruitless outcome if you are too emotional and unprepared!

A Short Sharp Statement

Confront the issue head on.  Sometimes a short, sharp statement is necessary.  This may help the nasty/rude comments to end!  Don't make everything into a dramatic scene, remain firm and calm!  Hopefully they will get the hint and maybe even walk away!

Word to the Wise...pick your battles!  You don't always have to embarrass someone, or make a big scene by their immature behaviors.  Correct them in private, if necessary, but try to show compassion, even when it's difficult to do!

If you can't fight it out, dance it out!

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  1. Thanks for the great insight, bonbon. Relationships are tough anyway, so why make it harder on ourselves and always try to be right! :)