Monday, January 7, 2013

Having One of Those Days?

Having one of those days?

I think every woman has this thought at these one time a month, or at least I do! Haha Listen ladies you are not alone, a lot is asked of the American woman. As a mom we are expected to take care of the kids, work a full day on the job, cook, clean, and decorate a home and take care of our husband with full make-up and we are suppose to do it effortlessly, right?  In the working world we are to do more than a man does just to get noticed and stay ahead, and we must to it all with showing no emotion, right?  
Well ladies....we can do it all!!! There is no point to try and make excuses that it is too hard and too much is expected of us, the world in not going to change in the next week, right?
But there is a way to deal with it better, want to know the secret?
You know how men have "man caves" well I think women should have "Crying Closets"
A Crying Closet should have a comfortable chair, dim lighting, a good supply of chocolate and be filled from floor to ceiling of inspirational and motivating quotes! And Ladies this closest should be used one a week for only 20 minutes at a time...hahahaha!!!!!
Who is with me? 

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