Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Overstaying Your Welcome

We all love to entertain, right?  Well the majority of us do....but as a host/hostess we all need a break after the party, moments to unwind, moments to reminisce about the event and a few seconds to take a breathe before it's time to clean up.  Yes, we said clean up.  If you happen to know us personally, you will also know that when either of us host parties, we don't want help cleaning up.  Not in the least!  Each of us is so particular about our kitchens that the less people, the better!  So if you ever happen to be a guest at either of our homes, please do not help clean up.  Here's a little tip though, if the host/hostess starts cleaning up, it's time that you leave.
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As a guest, it's absolutely crucial that you watch for the signs to leave gracefully.  Ask for your coat, gather the children, grab your dishes and give those final goodbye hugs and air kisses. Overstaying your welcome is a huge "no-no"!  If you want to annoy and frustrate the hostess, overstay your welcome and don't expect to be invited again (kidding, everyone deserves a second chance!).

If you are attending a dinner party, feel free to stay after the meal for a few drinks and pleasurable company with the host/hostess.  But if you happen to notice several yawns or loud *sighs*, time to head out.

If you are attending a bridal or baby shower, do not overstay the length stated on the invitation.  If a time was not designated on the invitation, then you better watch closely for clues!  Cleaning, packing up gifts, the guest of honor has already left...

If you were invited for a casual luncheon, then it is never appropriate to hang around till dinner.  RUDE!  Enjoy lunch a maybe an hour afterwards, but give the host/hostess a few hours of the day to themselves!

If you are dropping by a friend's house unannounced, PLEASE DON'T!  Even if you are close friends, a quick phone call (10 minutes ahead of time) would be much appreciated!  

If you are a house guest, never stay longer than the planned duration without asking the host/hostess before your arrival.  It's rude to assume!  Always be prepared when staying as a house guest, bring your needed essentials, don't expect the host/hostess to purchase your necessities.  But especially, BE PLEASANT!  

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If you follow these simple, but ever so important guidelines when attending an event or visiting a friend, it will make for pleasant experiences, and more welcome visits in the future!

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