Monday, January 21, 2013

The Cold Weather Blues

Cold woman wearing hat and gloves

We have reached that time of the year, the warmth of Christmas has dwindled, the novelty of winter clothing is no longer desirable and all we really want to do is lay out in the sun and soak in the warm rays.  Is this possible in January?  Definitley not in Wisconsin!  Actually it's about 4 degrees right now, even though the sun is shinning, we are in the winter blues!

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How do we get out of these cold weather blues?  Well it has got to start with your mental mindset!  Here are a few ideas to get us all out of the winter blues.

1.     Get a new hobby.  An indoor "sport" such as scrapbooking, painting or home decorating will keep you warm while you work indoors and keep you entertained!

2.     Time to learn a new winter "sport".  Spend a few moments each day learning to ski, ice skating, maybe even snow shoes!  Warm rosy cheeks, warm cozy heart!

3.     Time to plan a vacation, to a tropical location!  This is your opportunity to miss a few weeks of this nail biting weather and spend a few moments in the warm sun sipping a cocktail.

4.     Organize a new workout routine during these months. No excuses that you can't go outside! Use the warmth of your own house to burn a few calories, whether it's cleaning out your attic, painting your rec room or organizing your closet shelves.

5.     Relax.  Maybe a little rest and recreation will give you a burst of motivation after these cold months are gone.  Time to hibernate!

Winter Blues with your Lover

1.     Pour two glasses of wine while enjoying the comfort of a warm fire.

2.     Go to bed early.  The day light is shorter, so why not spend a few extra moments cuddling up with your loved one under a comfy blanket.

3.     Write a beautiful love letter and plan a fabulous evening indoors with a tasty dinner, a few cocktails and maybe end with a movie.

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