Thursday, January 3, 2013

The New Year's Resolution Trap

Neither of us have really been into New Year's Resolutions.  We make them, kinda, but not how you may imagine.  We don't make them once in the beginning of the year and forget about them.  No, Katrina tries her hardest to continually remind me about them and I sure am glad she does.  I, just like everyone else, gets stuck into the New Year's Resolution Trap!  Is it a good time to make changes in your life just because of the New Year?  Well, maybe...

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Why does no one ever complete these resolutions?  What's the time frame people keep them?  10 days?  2 weeks? 1  month?  Maybe the pressure of those resolutions are the problem?  Maybe we only make these promises because we feel the pressure from everyone else!  Look on Facebook, people find it necessary to post promises, promises, and more promises.  Maybe it's better not to tell the world, maybe that's the problem...

Or the other type of people make these outlandish proposals: "I resolve to lose."  Lose what?  Your dog, your car, your clothes (maybe you'll come across a new wardrobe)?  A little vague don't you think?

Instead of making resolutions at the beginning of each year, perhaps we should make these resolutions at the beginning of each day!  We work so hard trying to come up with solid, inspirational New Year's resolutions but after attempting for a bit, we lose interest and move back to our old habits.  And what's the problem with that?  Well, we complain and moan and groan about the previous year and how hard it was and how we can't wait to move on to the next year.  We are always ready to move on to the next year.  Doesn't that bother you a bit?  We just want to fast-forward our lives, because maybe next year we might try a little bit harder and of course who ever thought of renewing resolutions daily?  We wait for January 1st to come around again and again, year after year.

My grandma always told to start each day fresh and she sure was right!  Life isn't just about moving from year to year, it's about living day to day.  And if we don't work at each day, we lose them and pretty soon we have lost a whole year of our lives or more!

Take a few minutes each morning to renew your daily resolutions.
What's your main focus for the day?

So my resolutions for this year are...well I'm actually not going to tell you, but I will tell you this: I plan on beginning each day again, because life is a work in progress and if we don't work at it, let's just say the end result is probably our own fault.

Happy New Year!  
We have officially hit the teenage years: 2013!

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